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cool icons

Post by JapaneseGirl94 » Sun 05.22.2005 4:27 pm

:D How do you get the icons next to your posts???:)
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RE: cool icons

Post by desroyer » Thu 05.26.2005 7:05 pm

icons as in the picture by your name?
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RE: cool icons

Post by Daisuke » Fri 05.27.2005 7:34 am

Yes, she means avatars.

Go to edit profile, and upload a picture.

The picture must be under 200x200 pixels, 20 kb, and it has to be .jpg or gif.


RE: cool icons

Post by Kodi » Wed 06.01.2005 6:31 pm

hmm i keep meaning to make one for myself. maybe ill have time tomorrow =p

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