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Post by nezumi-san » Fri 05.27.2005 10:18 am

Can anyone please tell me the kanji for president? I know the Japanese word is "sha chou"

... would be a great help! thanks!!

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RE: The kanji for "president"

Post by quarthadast » Fri 05.27.2005 10:40 am

The kanji for president is 社長 (shachou)

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RE: "President"

Post by clay » Fri 05.27.2005 3:52 pm

That is president of a company.

Just for your information.
President of a country (Republic) is 大統領 dai tou ryou.
The Prime Minister (like Japan) is 総理大臣 sou ri dai jin

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RE: "President"

Post by Matsumoto_hideto » Sat 05.28.2005 7:34 pm

quarthadast wrote:
The kanji for president is 社長 (shachou)
I thought president was

kai Chou

and that sha chou was like VP
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