Worst Dub Voice?

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Taojinn » Wed 07.05.2006 3:52 am

I agree with you elk I think voices should render the characters personality not sound "cool". "Everyone's voice must be awsome because that's how it is in real life"(sarcasm). That's another thing ofcoarse the Japanese voices sound cool to you because you didn't grow up listening to Japanese, the exotic is always cooler(and Japanese makes everyone sound cool, its the language of the samurai). Nobody appriciates story anymore....because the voices must be awsome!
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Infidel » Wed 07.05.2006 5:40 am

My only gripe against dubs is the quality of the voice acting. The difference in translation is usually understandable and appropriate to keep cultural notes off the screen, but a many of the voice actors sound melodramatic. The Japanese actors often sound like they are really putting their hearts into the performance. There are also casting issues. Tough sounding voices becomming effeminite in the dubs, etc. But I'll still watch a dub for a few episodes if it's on TV to decide if the series is worth watching in Japanese. Gundam Wing was the first series I ever prefered the Dub.

Cardcaptors - I just wanted to point out this was not a dubbing issue, it was a TV channel issue. The TV station that aired it had certian requirements for all cartoons, so Card Captor Sakrua was heavily edited to incorporate them. The same thing happens with many Adult Swim cartoons too, especially how the intro and ending songs are severly abridged and sped up to make room for commercials. I noticed how a Japanese variant of jin-kan-pon was edited completely out so they wouldn't have to explain what was going on on one show.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by moumantai » Wed 07.05.2006 6:32 am

i like the fma dub i think they found great voice actors for the characters especially ed and al
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Chaosenemy » Fri 07.07.2006 1:30 am

Dubs in general are usually terrible. I don't especially like any at all...

And to whoever said Evangelion had a good dub... I don't understand how you can think that's a good dub. Everyone in that show (Even all the old guys...) sounds like they are being voiced by 14 year olds and Asuka's voice is absolutely terrible, gives me a headache.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Sakana_12345 » Fri 07.07.2006 5:49 am

The worst dub voices I've heard aren't on animes but games, two games in particular, Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2.

The dub voices are so lifeless and are completely out of touch with the situation and they sound so rehearsed. Also I remember a part where you work for the Lucky Strike and if someone comes up to you and asks to play the main character says something like "Do you want to play, the rules are..." then theres about a 10 second break and the other person says "I know what the rules are".

Bah, they don't even have an option to turn on subtitles and leave the Japanese and Chinese voices, if they did that game would've been perfect.

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by purelunatic » Fri 07.07.2006 12:48 pm

Well theres lots but I can't remember all of em. I know most of Naruto is pretty bad, Naruto doesn't sound half as crazy in english as he does in japanese. Mind you I normally watch anime in english if I can, but sometimes theres a limit to how much bad acting I can take.

If you want to hear bad game acting, check out House Of The Dead 2 for the Dreamcast, my lord thats some horrible acting.

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by lostinagoodbook » Wed 07.12.2006 5:04 pm

I hate the english dub for Azumanga Daioh. I understand the whole concept behind Osaka's accent, but it just annoys the heck out of me.

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RE: Cheesy voice dubs

Post by rborc415 » Thu 08.24.2006 12:02 pm

Voice dubbing is inherently flawed since it tends to lose something in the translation, so to speak, but some are hilariously worse than others.
Just about ANY of the MST3K Japanese horror films are a case in point. My particular favorite is "Prince of Space" (especailly Krankor and that preposterous laugh!), although "Invasion of the Neptune Men" comes in a close second (those blasted kids!)
I love Ghost In The Shell, but the only sore point there is the voices of the Tachikoma... why make them sound like a bunch of 10-year-old girls at a slumber party??
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by maboroshi638 » Thu 12.21.2006 9:03 am

Well, watch One Piece in German and the voice dubs in German are very good. And Sanji's voice is spoken by a very popular voice dub. You can hear him in a lot of Anime or general TV shows.
I think the worst must be Furiza from DBZ. I hate his voice in English. It hurts my ears!
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Chris Hart » Thu 12.21.2006 9:44 am

I'll admit that I only saw the first couple episodes dubbed, but I thought NGE was terrible. It wasn't the voices though, I thought those fit the charecters well, it was the script and timing. This was someone's VHS copy that I borrowed, and didn't have a printed label, so I'm not sure if it was the original dub or not. At some points, the script didn't make sense, when the camera angle was looking a a charecter talking, sometimes they would start talking on screen up to 2 seconds before the sound, and if they were talking for 8 seconds on screen, there might only be 6 seconds of speech in the audio track. This made me feel that they were leaving a lot out of the script. IIRC, when I later watched these in their original Japanese, there was also some spots where the camera was not watching any perticular charecters, and there was speech that was missing completely from the dub.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Hiroshi » Sat 12.23.2006 11:48 am

yukisukinomoto wrote:
No. Never watch the new Naruto dub. His voice. is so. disturbing.

<< I had nightmares about it, and I'm not even kidding.
It is SO horrible. It's amazing how a show as amazing as Naruto can be destroyed with bad dubbing. Also, Setsuko from Hotaru no Haka has a rather obnoxious voice in the dubbing.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by mamba » Sat 12.23.2006 12:02 pm

Imagine if they had Japanese dub for Family Guy episodes.

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Nofil221 » Sat 12.23.2006 12:35 pm

I usually don't mind dubs, but Naruto's voice is so annoying my mom makes me shut off the show. Shino's voice sounds like it went up twenty octives from the Japanese version too, otherwise I don't care.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Hatori » Tue 12.26.2006 11:25 pm

basically 95% of the animes in ENGLISH suck i think.

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RE: Mariya

Post by Ferretboy787 » Wed 12.27.2006 12:25 am

Mariya wrote:
Yeah... just as the title says. Who's got the worst dub voice in your opinion?

Has anyone heard Sanji's dub voice from One Piece? Good Lord. :@ It is the most sickening dub voice ever! >.< Voice Actor = Black. Sanji = Pure Japanese. Wheres the link? :(
I cannot watch the dub without muting the TV everytime he comes on screen. Thats how horrible it is.

Other dubbed voices I hate would probably be the whole cast for Weiss Kreuz. Their Japanese voices are so beautifully done by Koyasu Takehito-san and his crew, and theres absolutely no passion put into the dubbed voices. The actors didn't even try to sound Asian x.x pure American accent. :o
I hate to come out of nowhere but
How ignorant of you. You act as if Japanese people can't have that kind of accent, Races aren't limited to a certain sound. You don't act like the previous actor you act as if you are the character. How do you even know if Sanji is Asian? I'm not a fan of Onepiece, or anime in general, but I can't imagine a character yelling out his race. Why wouldn't they have pure american accents? It's aimed an American audience.
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