Anyone know how to read 人型?

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Anyone know how to read 人型?

Post by RobinF » Sun 05.29.2005 6:26 am

I'm currently reading the Japanese manga version of Chobits, and this is one word that keeps coming up, that I can't find the correct reading for. It's used to describe robots like Chii: 人型パ・#92;コン (EDIT: the forum doesn't like katakana "so" for some reason :@). I'm pretty sure that it means "human type", but how to pronounce it?

人 is of course nin, jin, hito and means "human".
型 is kei or kata and means "type".

So that leaves plenty of possibilities: ninkei, ninkata, jinkei, jingata, and so on. Does anyone know the correct reading?
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RE: Anyone know how to read 人型?

Post by hihlordjp » Sun 05.29.2005 6:57 am

It must be something particular to Chobits... It depends on the author, actually. There isn't any furigana? Strange...
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RE: Anyone know how to read 人型?

Post by sa » Sun 05.29.2005 9:52 am


人型 ひとがた hitogata
human's shape(type), humanoid

汎用 人型 決戦 兵器 人造人間 エヴァンゲリオン
はんよう ひとがた けっせん へいき じんぞう にんげん エヴァンゲリオン
hanyou hitogata kessen heiki jinzou ningen EVANGELION

量産 りょうさんがた ryousangata
Mass production type

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