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Travelling to Japan...

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Travelling to Japan...

Postby Kodi » Sun 05.29.2005 10:33 am

Ok, well I live in the UK. I would like to go to visit Japan for two or three weeks. Probably not this summer though. I have a number of questions:

If I get there...
How much am I going to end up spending?
How much would it cost for hotels?
What about cheaper accomodation too?
How much money will I need for food, drinks, etc (Not including souvenirs and all the tech stuff I'd probably buy...)?
As it's expensive to fly to Japan and back to England... Is three weeks a good idea?
For flights... Are there any realy cheap ones?
I'm also thinking of visiting friends in Hong Kong... Accomodation there would be no problem for me but what would a flight between Hong Kong and Japan cost? (Perhaps have 2 weeks in Japan and 1 in Hong Kong, China...)
What is it like, visiting Japan, in the Winter for example?
Would it be cheaper to visit Japan not in the summer?
What is the weather like in Japan in each of the seasons?

Maybe someone else can think of some other stuff that would be useful to know too...

Thanks, Marcus.

RE: Travelling to Japan...

Postby hyperconjugated » Sun 05.29.2005 10:39 am

Japan travel guide gives straight answers to most of your
questions. There's more than plenty of great info there :)

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RE: Travelling to Japan...

Postby Kodi » Mon 05.30.2005 4:34 pm

=) Thank you

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