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Post by firefox280 » Wed 06.01.2005 7:47 am

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm 15 in just two weeks, and have been a fan of Japanese for a long time. I first got into Japanese when I started reading manga (hmmm.....where have I heard that before?) I have taught myself to read and write a few kanji, hiragana, and am still working on katakana. I can carry on a short conversation. I hope that I can have fun here and learn more about Japanese! Thhis site is awesome!
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RE: Konnichiwa!

Post by Forever Yours » Wed 06.01.2005 7:58 am

Hey im also 15 soon.....in just 3 days:D and ive been trying to learn Japanese too.....i watch alot of manga and anime when i can.......and ive wanted to learn Japanese ever since i was lil but never could.....but hey you seem like a cool person....how long you been learning Japanese for?

P.S. Im new here too lol
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