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New members may introduce themselves in this forum


Postby dscott » Wed 06.01.2005 8:31 am

Watashi wa dscott desu.Dozo yoroshiku.

Just joined the site and wanted to introduce myself.
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RE: Hajimemashite

Postby Hijiku » Wed 06.01.2005 9:43 am

Konnichi wa! Nice to see more new members here. Well...i guess we always get more new people every day. soo, Welcome. if you need someone2 talk2, i'm here as often as i can be!;)

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RE: hajime mashite

Postby miracle_baby » Wed 06.01.2005 10:23 am

just drop by to say hello... I'm a new comer by the way...
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RE: Hajimemashite

Postby Mei_Chans » Wed 06.01.2005 1:18 pm

Hello there!!! :D
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