Japanese and tatoos

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RE: Japanese and tatoos

Post by two_heads_talking » Thu 08.31.2006 10:35 am

henna tattoos that you find at the fairs will last a few hours or maybe a day.. the henna tattoos that the people in India do can last a month or two.. IIRC they are used for ceremonys and celebrations and different tattoos are used for different occassions.

the tattoo trend in the Americas has enveloped the henna inks in order to allow a person to "tattoo" themselves without the permanency of a traditional INK and PIN tattoo. So a person can put one on and not worry about it being there forever.

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RE: Japanese and tatoos

Post by lomagu » Fri 09.01.2006 6:07 am

I know someone who got kicked out of the gym because the staff found out they had a tattoo. Apparently it's not only onsens that don't like them.
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