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translation help

Postby Takeda309T » Wed 06.01.2005 1:42 pm

Can anyone tell me what this word means:
I know that 異常 means abnormal or irregular, however I cannot find anything about 'nashi' Is this just a type of grammar I haven't seen before, and what does it mean?
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RE: translation help

Postby Mukade » Thu 06.02.2005 12:53 am

異常 means "abnormality," "strangeness" or "fault/error."

なし is a classical negative that has survived into modern Japanese on a limited basis. It tends to mean "without." For example, if you are ordering sushi and don't like wasabi, you can order it 「わさびなし」. Or if someone goes outside without clothes on, you could say 「服なしで出たよ!」:o

In the case of 異常なし, it could mean something like "without fault" or "without abnormality." I think the sense would be "nothing out of the ordinary."

It's a little hard to be more specific when it's out of context like this.
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RE: translation help

Postby Takeda309T » Fri 06.03.2005 11:21 am

Thanks. You pretty much explained it right there. The line was from a manga where a guard was posted on a street and said the phrase into his radio; which makes sense now.
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