konnichi wa

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Kojima Natsumi
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konnichi wa

Post by Kojima Natsumi » Sat 06.04.2005 2:58 pm

Watashi wa Kojima Natsumi... Im 15 f in the united states! I love Japan and plan to move there and live there permantely soon (hopefully). i love to speak japanese because really, its awesome! but as all of us know its pretty hard. And its always fun to learn it with a friend ;) pm if ya get my drift lol.well tell somin about myself... i love my church that i attend, and i love God. I love tranquility ( quietness and peace) and just relax with friends. I am currently in high school and im a sophmore.and to anyone currnently interested and looking for a pen-pal, please dont be a stranger pm me. Bai Bai
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Konnichi wa! O-genki desu ka?

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RE: konnichi wa

Post by Datadog » Sun 06.05.2005 1:21 am

Welcome, Allison. How is it you came to have two names?
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