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Word Order

Post by Reggie » Sat 06.04.2005 10:49 pm

Hi everyone. I know I don't post here often, but I was wondering if I could get some help. I looked at some of the grammar pages and I was wondering how word order goes for sentences that are more complicated than, just for example "I eat bread." If it's on a later page, I'm very sorry because I haven't gotten a chance to look through them all yet. Also, could any of you guys give me any tips for learning basic grammar or maybe some learning strategies? Thanks in advance. :)

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RE: Word Order

Post by Wolfie » Sun 06.05.2005 12:12 am

Just remember this rule, subjects -> adjective -> noun -> verb. For example, if you wanted to say,"Miho-san speaks Japanese and English fluently." You'd say,「みほーさんが滑らか英語や日本語話す。」

miho-san ga nameraka nihongo ya eigo hasume.
Miho-San smoothly english and japanese speak.
Miho-san can speak Japanese and English fluently.

I hope this helps! =) Feel free to PM me if you need anymore help on japanese grammar, or anything in particular. ^^ I'll do my best to help, though just don't ask me to help you with math or science, 'less you feel like failing...XD;;
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