Micron 005 .20 Pen Review

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Micron 005 .20 Pen Review

Post by Infidel » Thu 09.07.2006 4:20 am


Most of this review is aimed at the user that is attempting to write artfully, even when writing with a pen. Someone who doesn't mind spending hours perfecting a single stroke. Someone who actually, enjoys writing characters over again in an attempt to find one that is properly balanced.

If this doesn't sound like you then the 005 is a great pen. Have fun with it, you probably won't even notice anything wrong if you don't read below this line.


Alright, testing this out I see why the penji books I've read advised not to use felt tip pens. I didn't realize the Micron was felt tipped, but I thought it was worth trying out.

First, the reason the felt tip is so bad is because you have to write quickly and confidently. If you write too slowly or pause too long, the ink continues feeding the paper, making some lines thicker than they need to be, and turning a short stop into a blot.

Since the books I read that advised against felt tips were beginner books I think it is really biginners that aren't supposed to use felt pens. The pen actually wrote very well when I wrote confidently and quickly, but whenever I slowed down for stylistic marks, then they always came out poorly.

I think the other reason they advise against felt is because even an expert probably won't want to bother with it's idiosyncroncies after spending the time to write well with a ball point. But I'm sure that if someone really wanted to, they could get good with one of these felt pens.

So overall, this pen is best for someone that is aleady pretty good. Not someone learning because it emphasizes every mistake and can make learning a bit frusterating. Also, even when writing well, it doesn't look appreciably better than ball point.
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RE: Micron 005 .20 Pen Review

Post by Tspoonami » Thu 09.07.2006 5:33 pm

This means that I have to try a ball point pen! Lol...

I still like Microns, though. I recommended this pen not thinking of slow strokes! You are very right about that. See, I write very quickly, and make very quick strokes, so I've never tested out Microns slowly. Now I know what will happen...

For Japanese, now I use the Faber Castell PITT Brush Pen, but it's not good for Kanji if you have to make them smaller than one or 1.5 square centimeters. Still, it basically works like a brush, and is even filed with India ink!

Nice review, Infidel Very thorough. ^_^
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