Were can I find Japanese fonts?

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Were can I find Japanese fonts?

Post by MISHERU_1990 » Fri 06.03.2005 12:46 am

I tried to download some fonts for my comp so I could acyaully learn Japanese, but when I tried to download it, it wouldn't work. Does anyone know were I can find soem Japanese fonts for Windows XP? Thanks.:)
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RE: Were can I find Japanese fonts?

Post by SCMurphy » Fri 06.03.2005 10:37 am

You should have the fonts already installed in Windows XP, what you need to do is install the East Asian language pack.
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RE: Were can I find Japanese fonts?

Post by Kojiki » Sun 06.05.2005 9:17 pm

What you'll need is the IME translator for Microsoft office. Just go search IME in word's help or in the microsoft search and you'll find it. Just be sure to install the right one.
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RE: Were can I find Japanese fonts?

Post by Gakusha » Sun 06.05.2005 10:04 pm

Yes, installing the language pack will do it. I've noticed that the Chinese fonts also work with Japanese, such as MingLiu and SimHei among others. I prefer fonts that look like calligraphy because stroke counting is easier.

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