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Postby Ikijibiki » Sun 01.30.2005 11:17 pm

This may seem like a stupid question, but in written Japanese, how can you tell when one word ends and another begins? I'm a beginner at this, and my vocabulary is pretty much limited to what I've seen on this site, so it's kind of hard to tell sometimes. Its lack of spaces can get confusing.

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RE: Breaks

Postby clay » Mon 01.31.2005 11:36 am

No, that is a very good question. In English we make good use spacing. ifnotitwouldbehardtoread. But this is easier: IfNotItWouldBeHardToRead. It is kind of like that with Japanese. Kanji contain core meaning and hiragana is used to finish the pronunciation of words or for particles. So when you hit a kanji, you know you are encountering a new word/meaning.

Reading hiragana without spaces is very difficult, but reading with kanji makes it easier. That is one reason studying kanji even early on is important, I think.

I hope this makes sense. Somehow I think I may be confusing you more! :o
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RE: Breaks?

Postby Ikijibiki » Tue 02.01.2005 5:03 pm

Ah, that makes sense now. Guess I should get to work on those Kanji then...:p
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