New.......... hi.

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New.......... hi.

Post by Jrockerwithaguitar » Tue 06.07.2005 12:21 pm


Im Amanda!

Im here to learn Japanese. I was really into Japan since I was in third grade. I love the music, languade and anime.

Once Im 16, Im gonna get a job with my sister Alissa to raise money to finally visit Japan.


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RE: New.......... hi.

Post by sweety89 » Tue 06.07.2005 12:38 pm

well that's cool. once i turn 16 i'm going to raise up some money to go to japan as well:p
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RE: New.......... hi.

Post by typhoon » Tue 06.07.2005 1:49 pm

Hi im Aaron and i absloutley love Japan. the music (new, not old) the culture (old + new) and most of all the language, i love alot of languages but i am only 13 and my dad who once owned 3 buisnesses decided to give them up so we do not usually have alot of holidays now:( but he is starting up a new buisness so....YAY! might get to go there this year or beginning of next!!!
hey is you wanna e-mail or contact via an msn or yahoo i would be really grateful to learn japanese from anyone! thanks

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