Perspective from a One-Month Student for Fellow Beginners

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Perspective from a One-Month Student for Fellow Beginners

Post by Die » Fri 02.18.2005 12:35 am

Like many beginners, it seemed almost impossible to me to ever learn Japanese one day and be able to communicate in the language at the level I do in English (and in my mother's native Arabic in my case)--however thus far, I have typed up somewhere around a dozen e-mails in Japanese to native speakers, and last night, I just had my first real-time MSN Messenger conversation to another native which lasted about 20 minutes. I did have to refer to dictionaries/various books/translation services/simply ask the other party numerous amounts of times what was being stated, but the eerie coincidence remains that all four of the natives I spoke to were impressed by my competency in the language as a one-month student so far. They may be just saying that to be nice, but they seem to still answer all my questions in Japanese rather than going to the trouble of typing in English, and they use kanjis my kanji handbook doesn't even contain, so they aren't backing down to me by no means. My point is this: don't sell yourself short.

My speech is limited to talking about favorite things to do, things I own, and so forth, but that's good enough to talk to anyone if you're willing. Many times, a lot of guessing was implemented, while many times, I simply memorized useful phrases from Japanese-learning resources. As Clay points out from time to time on the site, corrections of one's own mistakes helps to facilitate faster learning.

I just wanted to post this to encourage fellow beginners like myself who are just now learning the language. On other forums similar to this one, I tend to read discouraging posts from some who are proficient in the language, and it seems there aren't enough posts that give a more positive outlook in terms of learning the language. I generally stay away from language-learning forums because of that, but felt the need to post this. Don't get me wrong; I'm well aware my opinion doesn't carry much weight given my current knowledge, but generally speaking, some of the information being spread from those proficient thus far (definitely none of which attributed to Clay) remains to be far-fetched in my opinion. This is just from a mere beginner's perspective, so I am open to the possibility my opinion might change. I am not taking Japanese formally in an institute so my perception might not be a realistic one.

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RE: Perspective from a One-Month Student for Fellow Beginner

Post by Danieru_X » Fri 02.18.2005 1:41 am

すごい!!! good work man! i talk with a couple of japanese people taht can talk a little english so they help me alot! its always good to have constant immersion in our new language soo keep it up:P what do you use to learn jap??

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