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Post by 383PhoenixAm » Sun 06.05.2005 5:25 am

I would really like to check this out after college, but right now, I'm wondering something, and though I'm new around here I'm still kinda hoping there's someone that wouldn't mind answering for me. B)
Anyway, I kinda live on cars and racing, those sort of things. Right now I'm getting full tuition paid to go to a training institute for Porsche and another for Nissan after my college at UTI..blah, blah, blah, anyway. I was wondering if there actually is any sort of racing/car community in Japan? I hear about it all the time but I'm not sure if its actually true. Are there large groups of enthusiasts there like there are in the states, or is that just some sort of myth?
Thanks again folks.

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RE: Cars

Post by 383PhoenixAm » Sun 06.05.2005 5:30 am

Oh, and along the same vein here, about how many cars are actually the same as what is seen around here? (Honda, Acura, Nissan, etc.) Does the system of dealerships work the same way there as it does here? The reason I ask is because, if there happened to be a good market of jobs for a master technician around there, I'd have a job right away if I were so lucky.
Also, are there any Porsches at all zipping around there? What about porsche dealerships?

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RE: Cars

Post by Mukade » Wed 06.08.2005 2:48 am

NASCAR-type is pretty much non-existent, but otherwise, racing is very popular over here, especially Formula and Rally.

There are a few Porsches running the streets over here, but nothing like what I used to see back in the States.

The cars are generally pretty different, though. The Honda Civic is about the only one that I recognized as being the same back home. There's been a mild boom in SUVs, and so there are a few more Jeeps and Explorers and the like. But even Ford, Chevy, et al have very different versions of their vehicles here in Japan. I think the biggest factor is road size. The Hummer is impossible here because it wouldn't fit on 90% of the roads.

I don't know if the dealership system is the same - I don't know that I quite grasped it very well back home. I do know, however, that Japan has extremely strict emissions standards, and automobiles have to go through rigorous testing and repairs in order to be qualified for street-use. Repair shops and garages therefore do quite well.

Customization is also pretty popular, and so there are a number of shops doing both engine and body customization.

Don't know if that answers any of your questions...

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RE: Cars

Post by Dial M for Meowth » Wed 06.08.2005 9:04 am

I thought NASCAR held some kind of race in Japan in 1997, I think Rusty Wallace won it, has anyone else heard of this?

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RE: Cars

Post by Spaztick » Wed 06.08.2005 1:13 pm

Well, if you do want a car (like everything else in Japan) you will be paying for it. I'm not saying don't get a car, just be prepared to be able to keep it when you get over there. :)

I think they did hold a NASCAR over there, but I think only Americans have NASCAR, and the rest of the world runs off of Formula or Rally or Indy. (Personally I think it takes more skill to run Indy or Rally than to run NASCAR, no offense to American drivers but I think a British or Brazillian driver would have the advantage. :))
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RE: Cars

Post by 383PhoenixAm » Fri 06.10.2005 4:41 am

Actually, that does help me a lot. Thanks very very very much. This is sorta the center focus I have right now; getting over there and getting into this.

So do you see a decent amount of modified cars driving around there? I'm not too interested in formal races as I am in cars that drive around the street.
The dealership system I mean is- first of all, are there dealerships? And what I'm asking about the system: In America dealerships sell cars, and they also have technicians that are adept in the particular make of car that the dealership sells, and the technicians fix those cars for a living. That's what I'm going to school to do- and it would be nice to see what the job market is like for that kind of thing.

From what you've seen, is there any money in working in garages that do modified cars and things of the like? My hobby is building performance engines, so I'd have a head start like that.

Thanks again!B)

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