What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Post by mewcurano » Wed 06.08.2005 4:12 pm

If you have any mnuemonic devices that you have created durring your Japanese studies , then post them here. Read this page if you do not know what a mnuemonic device is:http://www.thejapanesepage.com/readarti ... cle_id=168.

I'll start with two that I use.

Nichi youbi (Sunday) has ichi(one) in it so it is the first day of the week or Sunday.

Ao (blue) is what you say when you get a black and blue mark.

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RE: What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Post by Wolfie » Wed 06.08.2005 4:24 pm

For hi, or day/sun (日), it looks like a window you open up durring the day to let the sun in.

I have a few others, but most of them are based on inside jokes, because we all know how easy it is to relate stuff to inside jokes. =B In fact, some of my English is dependent on my inside jokes for remembrance.

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RE: What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Post by InsanityRanch » Fri 06.10.2005 9:34 am

oh, MAN, I must have hundreds of these...

Of course, remembering kanji can be easier if you use a mnemonic for the parts. One that my teacher taught me (apparently it comes from a Japanese TV commercial for some beauty product or other) 髪 is "your long-hair friend". I have mnemonics for the two kanji in 練習: for 練 "a thread (of light) in the east means it's time to knead bread". For 習 it's "two white feathers as a prize for learning".

Also, one of the big problems in Japanese is sound-alike words, either actual or near homophones. In particular, a lot of the pera pera words are very similar. So I remember "dandan" (gradually, little by little) vs. "dondon" (rapidly, more and more) by thinking that dandan has the same syllable as "shidaini", while "dondon" also has the onamatapoetic sense of a drumroll, for something dramatic happening.

Jukugo can also be homophones. Recently I came across 征服"seifuku" (conquest), which is the same as 制服"seifuku" meaning uniform. So the idea of an invading army dressed in sailor fuku helps me remeber that the two sound the same.

Anyway, these are just some that spring to mind. As I say, I undoubtedly have hundreds of these!

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RE: What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Post by MenomaMinx » Sun 07.10.2005 3:07 pm

only the one

No = I relate to a no smoking sign {I'm allergic to cigarettes, so this one is really easy to remember}
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RE: What are some mnuemonic devices you use?

Post by skrhgh3b » Sun 07.24.2005 5:44 am

i personally don't like mnuemonics because you'll always have to think of the mnuemonic first in order to retrieve the information. but here's my all time favorite japanese mnuemonic....

the beatles had a company they called apple, didn't they? and one of those beatles was called ringo star, wasn't he? well, the japanese word for apple is ringo!

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