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RE: Geisha

Post by Myuka » Fri 09.15.2006 9:40 pm

AJBryant wrote:
It's a load of crap. Don't waste your time.

What the hell??? That was an awesome book.

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RE: Geisha

Post by Sumi » Fri 09.15.2006 10:28 pm

I have the movie on DVD. I loved the book and I loved the movie. It wasn't a documentary or anything. It was just basically the life of a former geisha.

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RE: Geisha

Post by AJBryant » Sat 09.16.2006 1:35 am

It was a very cliched, stereotyped, massively BOGUSified life of a geisha. Badly acted, badly written, and very poorly presented. Did no one tell the writer of the score that Chinese music is not the same as Japanese? And could they not get actresses who could at least pronounce Japanese words and names without embarrassing themselves?


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RE: Geisha

Post by kuroi » Sat 09.16.2006 2:58 am

I enjoyed the book up until I got told it was a fiction..
... spoiled the experience. But then made you think, this is the life of a Geisha through Western eyes.. xD

Spoilt the whole book, if you ask me.

The movie, I found it entertaining. It was a good watch, not deadly accurate but overall, it was a beautiful movie. (Kept me sitting still for the whole length of the movie, achievement!)

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RE: Geisha

Post by Infidel » Sat 09.16.2006 3:35 am

It's not the life of the Geisha through Western eyes. It's fiction.

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