WagaWiki's Logo Thread

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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Chris Hart
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RE: WagaWiki's Logo Thread

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 09.16.2006 2:27 pm

zengargoyle wrote:
Chris Hart wrote:
If we had a color scheme with a Black background, I would really like #s 10 and 11. Especially if the text of the page were set to phosphor green. (as the logo is)

actually.... on the [wiki=Main_Page]WagaWiki[/wiki] you can tweak the theme to your hearts content. it just isn't necessarily easy unless you're familiar with CSS/Javascript.

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_user_styles for some examples of what other people have done themewise.

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_styles for the gory details of how to make your own.

basically, if your preferences are set for the default Monobook theme, you can go to User:Your User Name/monobook.css and put in any CSS you like. any Javascript goes in User:Your User Name/monobook.js

Is there any way to apply those themes to this page? I like the one of the wiki you pictured better than the one I currenlty am using on this page. (Chromium)

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RE: WagaWiki's Logo Thread

Post by zengargoyle » Sat 09.16.2006 4:27 pm

PHP-Fusion doesn't natively support user defined themes.

but if you use Firefox, you can edit your chrome/userContent.css file and add any custom CSS you like. for example:

/* ~/.mozilla/firefox/default.f2h/chrome/userContent.css */
@-moz-document domain(http://www.thejapanesepage.com) {
/* force all links to be red. */
a { color: red !important; }

i don't know how you would accomplish the same with MSIE, but there's probably a way, user customization is the reason for CSS...

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