A thought on Level Four JLPT

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A thought on Level Four JLPT

Post by b4d0m3n » Sun 09.17.2006 11:21 am

I thought I'd get there this year, but no dice. To be honest, I know a hundred and thirteen kanji, all the kana and a bunch of grammar, but my vocab is still quite shoddy. I'll do it next year, I think.

I wonder, though, why the test is held annually? Wouldn't quarterly make it more accessible? Or is that the point? :)

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Mike Cash
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RE: A thought on Level Four JLPT

Post by Mike Cash » Sun 09.17.2006 11:25 am

Why bother to have a rather meaningless test four times a year?

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RE: A thought on Level Four JLPT

Post by randomperson » Sun 09.17.2006 11:28 am

why is the test held annually
i think its the point and maybe money. i dont know if they have to pay the exam giver or something.
they probablly have to rent out the building(if they dont own it) for the time and it could cost alot.

if it was had quarterly it wouldnt make any difference really. no one more would go to it in spring than the winter.

thought i wish do wish they point it in more citys.
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RE: A thought on Level Four JLPT

Post by keatonatron » Sun 09.17.2006 11:35 am

Moved to JLPT.. again.

Second one today! :@

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