Making a Request~eng->japanese

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Making a Request~eng->japanese

Post by Ptorki » Wed 09.20.2006 3:58 pm

Hi, I do believe this is my first post ^^;
I contemplated real hard whether to post this in General, Grammar, or Translation but decided on here, so.. yeah.

Anyways, what I'm looking for is the best way to make a request according to this situation: I bought a CD from an artist. He hasn't sent it out yet and I need to know if I can change my address =x BUT it's no big deal if I can't. It would just make my life a wee bit better.

FIRST What I came up with on my own is むずかしすぎかおそすぎたら、いいですけど、私の住所を替われますか?

1. I have no idea if むずかしすぎかおそすぎなら is grammatically correct. Especially the か.
2. I don't know if いいですけど gives off the "it's okay if you can't" feel.
3. The difference between all the kawarus and kaerus baffles me, so I settled with this one.

SECOND I went to different sites to see if they could give me any reason to add or discard something. For the first half, they gave me something I couldn't understand-then that got me thinking on the correct conditional to use, so I could change たら to なら. The second half I could change to this: 私の住所を変えることは可狽ナありますか? Right? However, I also ran into all those ませんかs and my knowledge of those has left me..

But wait! There's more!
I thought about it and came up with what I wanted to say in English (cuz I hadn't yet o-o): "Sorry to bother you, but is it possible to change my address? If it is too late or too difficult, then it's okay not too."
Excite came out with this: あなたにご迷惑をおかけして、すみませんが、住所を変更するのは可狽ナすか? 遅過ぎるか、または難し過ぎるなら、またでない、もオーケーです。
So, I think すみませんが would be something nice to use.. I get the jist of the last part but not in a 'direct English translation in my head' way. And I'm positive the very last line can be said differently.

Aaand, that's how far I've gone with it! I feel weird when I say stuff in Japanese because I'm never sure if it's the correct way to express all I want to, and I could look like a dork if I don't. And if it comes out correct, they might think I'll totally understand their Japanese reply. P: It's also easier to just ask in English, but you never know how far their's goes. I should just save them the trouble...

Thanks for reading?? xD

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RE: Making a Request~eng->japanese

Post by keatonatron » Wed 09.20.2006 8:24 pm

When you said "Excite came out with..." do you mean on online translator? Because that's actually an impressive sentence :o

But still, I think you can make things a lot simpler. The biggest problem with translating from English to Japanese is that usually you can't simply convert things in the same order using the same words. I would say: Can you send it to a different address for me? If it is impossible, the address you have now will still reach me so it isn't a problem.


Of course you should probably start by telling him who you are and why you are contacting him if he doesn't already know :D

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Re: Making a Request~eng->japanese

Post by Ptorki » Thu 03.15.2012 4:26 am

Oh my goodness, I have no idea if I even came back to read keatonatron's reply.

If you, keatonatron, ever see this again, I want to say Thank You!! :)

It all worked out very well by the way. Finding this reminded me how smooth it all went. Although, now it's been a long time since I've used any Japanese. :'(

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