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Ello there all!

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Ello there all!

Postby Zevi » Thu 06.16.2005 6:04 pm

Konnichi wa, hello, salutations, so on and so forth!
I, the Almighty Spunk Bunny have come to grace you with his awsomeness, and mayhaps even learn somthing! *gasp*

Today, after coming to the crushing relization that I'm terribly bored ,I thought to myself "Myu... I'm bored" ... after which I kinda just set awhile for an hour or so... but then I thought to myself "JAPANESE!!!!" which at that very moment didn't quite make sense so I kinda just shrugged it off.
Myu, in the end though, I found myself at this charming little site in the hopes I may fill my brain with yummy language goodness >.<

Soooo.... yeah..
I'm age 14... I live in the US... and as it would seem, I have time to kill ^^;
And with that said.... let the education and such begin! O.o...
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RE: Ello there all!

Postby Daisuke » Thu 06.16.2005 7:52 pm

Well... ^.^ ... Good luck learning Japanese. Welcome to the forums, I hope you'll have fun!..
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