Postits of everyday things.

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Postits of everyday things.

Post by xbandaidx » Sun 09.17.2006 12:32 am

First off I apologized if this has been asked before, I used the search function on the site to try and find this, but it didn't turn up anything. I can't think of any other keywords to use.

Anyways, I want to know others experiences on using something like postits that you stick on things around the house that show what it is in japanese. Like for example maybe a postit thats on a mirror that says 'かがみ' or kanji whatever you use.

My question is, have any tried this, and if they did, did you find it helpful?

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RE: Postits of everyday things.

Post by gensougeki » Sat 09.23.2006 7:49 pm

Lol. I tried that awhile back, and my mom found a postit in her sandwhich one day that said "pan - bread" and she said the stickies had to stop. But it would have been helpful if it were my own house and I was the only one who had to deal with stickies in my sandwhich.

I think it would be just as useful to post something in the kitchen and in each other room, like a list that would say the names of different objects, and try to use them in sentences as you cook or whatever to describe to a cat or another person or yourself, what you are doing with the things you are using, only in Japanese. That's what i've been thinking of doing. But I'm just now getting back into the habbit of studying, and haven't gotten a chance to do it yet.

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RE: Postits of everyday things.

Post by Tspoonami » Sat 09.23.2006 10:48 pm

You could keep a scrapbook of drawings with Japanese labels... That way, you associate words with pictures!

Assuming you have rudimentary drawing ability...

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