Kono Bun wa tadashii deska?

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Kono Bun wa tadashii deska?

Post by Kathirvel » Fri 02.18.2005 10:32 am

Nihonjin o tomadachi ni dekiru kyoomi ga arimas - i am interested to make japanese friends.
Kathir to mooshimas.
Nihongo o benkyo suru tameni ima Nihon ni kimashita.
Nihon no kata ga tomadachi ni dekiru kyoomi ga arimas.
Denwa bangoo wa 5380-0225. Ima Nakano ni sunde imas.

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RE: Kono Bun wa tadashii deska?

Post by Omoidebanashi » Fri 02.18.2005 10:56 pm

To 'make friends' is an english idiom, so you cannot translate it directly into Japanese. "Dekiru" means more 'be completed' or 'be able,' anyway.

The Japanese equivalent, however, seems to be "nakayoku", so maybe: "Nihonjin no hito o nakayoku suru kyoomi ga arimasu".

Just because you whisper the final 'u' of "arimasu" doesn't mean it isn't there.

[Edit] Ah, looks like you're right... sorry. Google tells me you can do "tomodachi ni dekiru". I guess I should check before I open my mouth. Thanks for the idiom!! [/Edit]
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RE: Kono Bun wa tadashii deska?

Post by Mukade » Sat 02.19.2005 9:29 pm

Actually, a better way to say this would be:

"Nihonjin to tomodachi ni naritai."

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RE: Kono Bun wa tadashii deska?

Post by clay » Sat 02.19.2005 10:59 pm

Yes, to "become friends" is literally the same in Japanese - tomodachi ni naru.

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