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Arranged Couples

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Arranged Couples

Postby Yuukanna » Fri 06.03.2005 4:29 pm

Does anyone know how serious couples arrangement is in Japan these days? What is the standard to honoring this sort of tradition?

I just found out a couple years ago when telling my father that I was planning to move to Japan, that before I was born a japanese woman swore her daughter to my father's firstborn son.

This concerns me a bit... LoL my favorite anime is Ranma 1/2... I had to laugh and tell my dad the storyline of that show as suddenly I could relate.
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RE: Arranged Couples

Postby Mukade » Wed 06.08.2005 2:57 am

Arranged marriages pretty much ended with the wartime generation. My wife's grandparents, for example, were an arranged marriage, but her parents were an O-miai.

O-miai are arranged meetings, and are simply a more formalized 'blind date.' Nothing is promised or comulsory in an O-miai.

Due to the difficulty that Japanese men and women seem to have in meeting potential mates (mostly due to segregation in the workplace), O-miai parties are actually fairly popular.

These days, however, most people have renai kekkon, or 'love-marriages,' meaning that the couple met, fell in love and married all of their own volition. My wife and I fall into this category, so I guess she and I, along with her parents and grandparents, are a good illustration of how quickly things have changed in Japan.


Just as an aside - my wife's grandparents, as I said, had an arranged marriage. Traditionally, you wouldn't see your spouse until the day of the wedding. My wife's grandfather, however, was worried his fiance would be ugly and so snuck over to her house in the middle of the night to catch a glimpse of her the day before the wedding. :p

I guess she looked all right, because he showed up to the wedding the next day! :D
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RE: Thanks

Postby Yuukanna » Mon 06.20.2005 12:52 pm

LoL, thanks. Not that I was concerned over an arranged marriange really, but a promise. I hold my own word pretty serious, so I'm unsure if this woman would hold her promise as seriously.
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