I think i'm in love XD

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RE: I think i'm in love XD

Post by kanadajin » Tue 10.03.2006 10:27 pm

XD thanks everyone.. You make it sound so easy -_-" I actually haven't seen her for a while. And No she's not in my classes.. actually she doesn't even go to my school, but she lives like 30 seconds away from me. I talk to her on MSN, not the phone, I've only been with her when my friends were there and... yeah.

Err, im so lazy, someone said ask her before I get into her "friendship category" I know, i've done that before. That's what im worried about. I had a crush on someone for way to long like 5-6 months and she was in all my classes and blah, we became like good friends, she would tell me all her secret I would tell her mine. Then I asked her out and she said "I would, but we're to good of friends, I wouldn't want to risk our friendship." I don't really think they say that because they don't want to risk their friendship, I just think they don't like you. One of my best friends is a girl that I went out with.

Someone asked if the internet is the right place to ask this question and to talk to my friends or whatever about it. Well, I have, most of them are stupid and don't care, or they ask me who I like i tell them they ask why and blah. I just wanted to hear everyone's opinion and what someone has done in this situation because im pretty sure someone on this site would have to have been in Love before.

Anyway, like i said earlier, I haven't seen her for almost a week :O Because I only go see her with friends and for 3 days she was sick, then I had foot ball practice yesterday and today after school and when I got back my friends weren't home so I didn't go.

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RE: I think i'm in love XD

Post by Takeshi » Tue 10.03.2006 11:15 pm

hey kanadajin, yeah i mentioned the friendship catagory. well, that's a lot more info.... i think yeah people make it sound easier then it is, i guess because it is when you look at things from the outside. but being you is different because the fear or rejection and the outcome of your actions (like if she said "no" would things be weird between the 2 of you.) i think you should just take a deep breath and go for it. from what you stated, it seems you have very little to lose because it sounds as if you barely know her. so let's say she says "no", well that's okay....because now you know, you can move on...what did you really lose? nothing, if anything you gained something and can be proud of yourself for trying. so i guess either yes or no, you still win. you have to see things in a positive light, maybe that can help ease your fears a bit. goodluck my friend ;)

ps. maybe next time you are online with her, try making a bet with her like saying "i'll bet you dinner that (*add something here that you know you will lose at). that way you can avoid asking her, and it's more like a friendly challange. after you lose, take her to dinner :p and be sure to take notice how persistant she is to make you pay up. be sure to turn it into a date....bring her flowers....maybe a nice touch would be to have the flowers waiting at the table before you get to dinner...you know little stuff like that. be a pimp. ;)

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RE: I think i'm in love XD

Post by becks23 » Wed 10.04.2006 1:19 am

Kanadajin...it sounds like you're on the right track. It's unfortunate that she isn't even in your school but perhaps, if you know her courses, ask to study with her. That way you get some alone time while possibly learning something.
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