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What is your goal?

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What is your goal?

Postby Kodi » Tue 03.08.2005 4:58 am

Hehe, I was talking with some friends who are also learning japanese about this. One just wanted to do it for a bit of fun and isn't too serious. Another would love to go and visit japan and wants to know how to talk to a few people a little. My goal is fairly simple hehe. I wanna go sit in a coffee house somewhere in japan, tokyo maybe, and be able to read a japanese news paper. :p Easy!... Not!

RE: What is your goal?

Postby Daisuke » Tue 03.08.2005 5:53 am

A link to another topic with the same question:
http://www.thejapanesepage.com/forum/vi ... ?f=6&t=36
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby Kodi » Tue 03.08.2005 2:53 pm

omg. I completely missed it. how silly.

RE: What is your goal?

Postby jinksys » Fri 06.24.2005 2:35 am

My goal is to get a job that is in japan or requires me to visit japan regularly.
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby Yuubokumin » Wed 06.29.2005 8:22 pm

My goal is to someday live in Japan, maybe for a few years, maybe my whole life. I'm only 16, that sort of thing seems a liiitle far away for me. I would also like to just become generally fluent for no specific reason at all other than that I like Japan and its language, and I feel slightly self-obligated to learn Japanese because I used to live there but wasn't old enough to actually learn any of it even though I was there almost two years.
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby kanadajin » Wed 06.29.2005 8:58 pm

I wanna go to live in Japan and learn their language.. have some tea.. lol
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby raevin » Wed 06.29.2005 9:01 pm

I don't really have any set goals...just to learn the language. I know it probably sounds *bleh*, but that's 'bout it.
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby Gakusha » Wed 06.29.2005 11:18 pm

I'd like to learn Japanese simply for something to do, although I might like to make business trips there sometime. My goal is to have mastered 4 kyuu kanji by January, and 3 kyuu by maybe September of 2006. I hope to be near fluent in 2 years. For no harder than I can find myself able to work at this, however, these goals seem a bit challenging. It would be nice if I could take a class on Japanese, but at my high school, only Spanish is offered. Oh well, I'll try my best. :)
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RE: What is your goal?

Postby Christian_ » Thu 06.30.2005 12:17 am

i would love to take 2 languages for school German and Japanese, but yeah my school only offers spanish french and american sighn language, i guess ill go with sign language lol. anyone think lets learn hiragana is a good book im considering buying it
1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
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