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RE: Program

Postby mandolin » Thu 06.23.2005 4:49 pm

You don't need a special program. You just have to install the language pack on your system, if you're using Windows. If you're on a Mac.. I don't know how its done.

There's several guides on this site about how to display characters on your computer.... check em out. :)
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RE: Program

Postby Harisenbon » Thu 06.23.2005 6:19 pm

If you're using windows search for JAPANESE IME on google. The go to microsoft's site and download it.
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RE: Program

Postby jinksys » Fri 06.24.2005 2:39 am

Hello? Internets?
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RE: Program

Postby Luda » Fri 06.24.2005 3:24 am

If using windows XP go to View then Encoding then Japanese (auto select).
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