Jobs in Japan?

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Jobs in Japan?

Post by amiyumi » Wed 06.22.2005 10:44 am

Iwant to be a medical scientist but i am only 13 but i want to move to japan for college or maybe after i have a teaching degree and know how to speak the language does anyone know any colleges in japan that take in english students that dont know how to speak japanese or even ones that do because i might have learned it coz my mum and dad says i can get a tutor;) but anyway how do i go about doin this?

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RE: Job

Post by Kakashi » Wed 06.22.2005 2:25 pm

lets see, well im going to tokyo in 4 years, to become a animator or charecter desighner for squre enix, thats basicly why im learning japanese.:)
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RE: Jobs in Japan?

Post by caseclosed » Fri 06.24.2005 7:16 pm

i dont know but use a "." it really helps.

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