sukoshi pronouncation

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sukoshi pronouncation

Post by jinksys » Sat 06.25.2005 2:57 am

Im trying to get a hang of those "silent" or "whispered" vowels.
Is sukoshi pronounced like SuKOSHI or SuKOSHi, with the small letters being silent.
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RE: sukoshi pronouncation

Post by Mukade » Sat 06.25.2005 3:46 am

I'd like to give you a more solid answer, but a lot of this will depend on where the word is in a sentence or where you are in Japan.

With this particular example, I can tell you that people in the Kansai area pronounce it SuKOSHi in most instances. But it could be different elsewhere.

In general, though, I wouldn't fret about it too much. You'll pick this sort of thing up as you converse with Japanese speakers. Until then, pronouncing all of the vowels is perfectly okay as a "safe side" sort of thing when you just don't know.

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RE: sukoshi pronouncation

Post by sampaguita » Sat 06.25.2005 7:47 am

In class, we were taught to pronounce it as SuKOSHI, but when you are constructing long sentences, the "i" becomes silent sometimes.

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