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Postby jonti_swe » Wed 10.18.2006 8:14 am

sry my comp at mums doesn't work at all and can't get in on it at all sry....
I'm at spanish lesson right now lol posting this but our spanish teacher is home today so we're alone here and all the other people except me are outside the classroom somewhere lol so I can post
but tomorrow I think I'm going to dad and I'll be at dads this weekend too so I think I'll be in more on comp then but I'm only at dad one weekend in two weeks so sry if I'm not in so much anymore on the chat or here on the page or on msn.... :( :(
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RE: sry....

Postby Mike Cash » Wed 10.18.2006 8:28 am

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RE: sry....

Postby two_heads_talking » Wed 10.18.2006 9:14 am

wall of text ftl..
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