Manga Novels

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Manga Novels

Post by Hatori » Wed 10.18.2006 11:06 pm

has anybody read a manga novel?? i've seen a .hack, socrates in love (well, a manga was made after the novel), Kamikaze girls (i don't know what came first, but i know there's a movie too), Love Hina, some gross Yaoi books:@ :( (and i was just flipping through one for the heck of it and there are a couple of pictures, and i saw a REALLY SICK PIC! XD<), and there's going to be a Naruto novel soon! i think this weekend i'm probably going to buy one of the Love Hina novels because my best friend is taking forever to buy that series as a normal manga, so i want to go ahead. haha. and i'm definately going to buy Naruto when it comes out! i was only able to read up to the 5th book and i didn't get any farther, so yeah.

so, list any other manga novels you have seen, read, or own! :D

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