More Franky, clay!

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More Franky, clay!

Post by jinksys » Tue 06.28.2005 4:21 am

Do you know if you'll ever finish the "frank and the obaasan" skits?
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RE: More Franky, clay!

Post by mandolin » Tue 06.28.2005 4:59 am

I want to know this, too. :D

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RE: More Franky, clay!

Post by Steve_Poppers » Tue 06.28.2005 5:03 am

Yes, we damand more Frank! Give us Frank!
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RE: More Franky, clay!

Post by redfoxer » Tue 06.28.2005 6:52 am

i love that section clay! i highly recommend new comers to check that section out as it helped me alot when i started out! please finish it clay! :D keep up the uberness clay!


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RE: More Franky, clay!

Post by clay » Tue 06.28.2005 2:17 pm

Wow. Thanks :) doushiyou ne.

I have to finish:
- 100 Grammar points
- Katakana lessons
- 1 kyuu & 2 kyuu kanji
- Frank and the Obaasan
- plus I am working with someone to add a new section to the site...

I have a problem starting too many projects at the same time :o

I will be out of town today, but I will try to add a new chapter asap. :) It has been a few years...


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