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new spurt of inspiration

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new spurt of inspiration

Postby Hatori » Tue 10.24.2006 9:12 pm

hey there. well, if anybody has noticed, i havn't been on the japanese page for a bit, because i've been consumed into doing other stuff now. but, anyways, i still absolutely love the japanese culture and such, but i feel like i have worn out my resources. so, i was wondering if anybody can post any REALLY good websites i can check to learn about ANYTHING in japan; and i don't want just all text. i feel like there is nothing new for me to find and i just really need something to give me inspiration to teach myself more japanese from seeing the wonders of japan!!

so, please post links and say something about the website for me! i need fresh materials and information to check out. :D
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RE: new spurt of inspiration

Postby Dehitay » Tue 10.24.2006 9:25 pm

besides thejapanesepage.com the other sites I frequent are probly on your list but:
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RE: new spurt of inspiration

Postby ashitaka » Tue 10.24.2006 9:29 pm

Go to the links section, but why would you ever think of leaving us again?
Anyways here are a couple,
or maybe ask.com
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RE: new spurt of inspiration

Postby mamba » Tue 10.24.2006 11:04 pm

Well theres this one website that is going to launch October 27.

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RE: new spurt of inspiration

Postby Mukade » Tue 10.24.2006 11:57 pm

I've always been fond of this guy's extremely comprehensive website on Buddhism.
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RE: new spurt of inspiration

Postby Fukumori » Wed 10.25.2006 12:31 am

Hmm, I didn't know anyone on this site was into Buddhism! Cool link, Mukade!



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