What Instrument do you play?

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by kuroi » Sat 10.28.2006 6:22 am

Sakana_12345 wrote:
Kuroi, if you are into composing, take a look at this website.

If you can apply modal thinking and scales into your discovery of a new tune, you will find it much easier to find something that sounds good.
Thanks. :] I'll be sure to check it out.

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by BigKahuna13 » Sat 10.28.2006 10:40 am

Bass guitar for about 25 years now - and I still can't play it well.
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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by suhui » Sat 10.28.2006 11:27 am

My main instrument is flute, then saxophone, then clarinet.
Jack W

I play flute too, haha but not getting anywhere. Hope to play harp in future, or maybe cello even though I ain't that tall enough. Or maybe oboe, but I know it's very difficult.

Anyone from symphonic bands? Is there any nice pieces to introduce me? :D I like Gallimaufry.
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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by revolutionary » Sat 10.28.2006 11:48 am

The first instrument I learned was flute. I'm ok at it, but I really went into to band in middle school to learn violin and the band didn't have a string section. So I took flute because it was the smallest instrument.

Now, I'm learning guitar. I love it. If I get really good, I'd like to start a band, but I don't know if I have the time now. Even if I don't get good at guitar, I'd still love to sing in a band. But I have the same school and work schedule issues. I mean, I'm barely sliding by now as it is.
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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by Sasayakimatsu » Sat 10.28.2006 1:00 pm

Celtic harp for about a month, and singing (but not for a month. Longer!). Thinking about the Shamisen if I can find one!

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by Kama » Fri 11.03.2006 9:27 pm

As a child:
I played the clarinet, piano, and xylophone.

Teenage years:
Cello, viola, keyboard

In college:
Classical guitar, cello
Explored the hammered dulcimer

Young Adult (now):
Guitar, keyboard, bamboo flutes, voice, KORG synthesizer
singing bowls, a giant gong tuned to the earth's frequency as it revolves around the sun.
Explored the gamelan, a little.
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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by Naiko-chan » Fri 11.03.2006 9:32 pm

I play the flute.I took a piano class for a month.
Naiko-chan ^^

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by StarvingMusician » Sat 11.04.2006 1:37 pm

habs_360 wrote:
Guitar for about 23 years...Oh, and you really can't master it...you can tame it if you practice, but you will never be the master of it...

Sugoi! I believe that to be true. You must either be really old, or you were handed a guitar as an infant. :-) However I bet you pwn many people.

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by Tegyrius » Sat 11.04.2006 1:45 pm

I've been playing guitar for a couple of years. Not on a regular basis tough. I'm ok at it. I've also been playing the bass now for about one year.

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by anikaliki » Sat 11.04.2006 2:33 pm

I play Trumpet ( not by choice), piano, guitar ( acoustic, electric, and base), a little bit of violin, and drums.

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by ShinobiAlchemist » Sat 11.04.2006 4:51 pm

Has anyone else but me noticed that everyone "plays" guitar?

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RE: What Instrument do you play?

Post by Ueshu » Sun 11.05.2006 2:37 pm

I play the guitar and some piano, and I pick out the rythym in songs, but I don't have a drumset. I also play recorder and glockenspiel (what I picked up from school).
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