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Oleg Podsadny
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Kanji Learning Software

Post by Oleg Podsadny » Wed 06.29.2005 11:38 am

Yokozuna! is designed for learning single Japanese characters - Kanji, to help you master writing them quick, following correct stroke order and proportions. Its learning and testing techniques are purposed for your optimal concentration on both On and Kun readings, meaning and character strokes.


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RE: Kanji Learning Software

Post by andrew_lucky » Sat 07.02.2005 9:18 am

I've downloaded this software and tried it. Very cool tool :D. I was impressed by simplicity and easy way of learning. Will try to pass some exames :)

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RE: Kanji Learning Software

Post by Naruto721 » Sun 07.03.2005 12:55 am

Thanks, I need to learn how to pronounce and how to write kanji. Downloading it now, hope it works!:D

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RE: Kanji Learning Software

Post by Wolfie » Sun 07.03.2005 6:00 pm

I downloaded it...and whenever I go to write the kanji it deletes my strokes. o_0;;

Never mind, figured out why. It was because my strokes weren't right. Ah, this is one picky program. But it's all good. This program acts like a treacher...litteratly. Of course, that's good. It makes sure you learn it rather then just click buttons like most other programs, or ones that i've used anyway.
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