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Post by Nameless » Wed 07.06.2005 5:24 am

hajimemashite. watashi wa Carolina desu.

well..thats about all i can^^ anyway. im a 17 years old girl who are in love with japan. the language, the culture, everything. i love to get new "playmates" in here to help me with my japanese. though im half finnish and half swedish, i still want to learn a forth language^^

the languages i can now is:
a hell of a little japanese^^
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RE: hajimemashite

Post by Forever Yours » Wed 07.06.2005 2:22 pm

hey...i used to have a user name called nameless.....after the film hero.....the main character was nameless.....and welocme ot the Japanesepage economy.....hajimemashite
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RE: hajimemashite

Post by Sapphiregirl » Wed 07.06.2005 2:33 pm

hajimemashite! o genki desu ka?
I hope that made sense......
I can only speak spanish and english.... would you like to study together sometime?

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