asking meanings of words

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asking meanings of words

Post by jinksys » Tue 02.01.2005 5:42 am

How would I ask the meaning of a word,
for example...

Pretend I dont know the japanese word えいご.
Can I ask, 「えいご」の語義は何ですか。
(えいご word meaning is what?) is what im trying to ask.

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RE: Meaning

Post by clay » Tue 02.01.2005 2:47 pm

If you want to ask "What does ... mean?" all you have to do is say "...は何ですか?" (...wa nan desu ka - what is ...?) or if you want to be more complex, "...はどういう意味ですか?" (...wa dou iu imi desu ka? - what is the meaning of ...?)

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RE: asking meanings of words

Post by sampaguita » Fri 02.18.2005 11:09 pm

"What is ___ in Japanese (or any language)?" can also be translated as "____ wa Nihongo de nan desu ka?" I don't think this has the same meaning as "What is the meaning of ___?" but it's really useful when translating.:)

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RE: asking meanings of words

Post by AmyRhoo » Wed 07.06.2005 5:37 pm

or....informally...........英語って何? eigo tte nani?

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