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New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hi there

Post by Nubius » Tue 07.05.2005 1:45 am

I suppose it'd be appropriate to start off in the introductions section :D

I've always been fascinated by asian and japanese culture....I guess I'm more for the 'old fashioned' traditional style if that makes any sense...it always seemed like a very elegant and honorable culture to me and honor is definitely something a lot of people lack these days.

It really wasn't until recently though that I started watching animes, and the more and various shows that I watched I started noticing the subbers would put in facts about something within a scene like "this is a traditional blah in japanese culture" and then I found myself wanting to learn more and more.......I don't think I'd be able to survive with most of the common meals I've looked into as I've researched for various meals and recipes online...not a big fan of seafood or greens like cabbage and seaweed.

Mind you I'm still learning so I know very little of what people commonly eat over there as every day food so if I come off ignorant as to those sort of things that is why :)

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RE: Hi there

Post by lomagu » Fri 07.08.2005 7:38 am

いらっしゃい! Good luck in your Japanese research & let us know if you find anything interesting. Also, feel free to ask any questions :D
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