The Birthday Song

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The Birthday Song

Post by Kuraara » Wed 11.15.2006 11:16 pm

My freind's birthday is this Saturday and she's really interested in Japanese culture as well as me. Does anyone know the lyrics to the "Happy Birthday" song in Japan? I want to sing it for her as part as my present.

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by chikara » Wed 11.15.2006 11:23 pm

Try this one :p
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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by ashitaka » Thu 11.16.2006 12:45 am

I can't find the official lyrics since it's still copywrighted. (and I left Japan to teach in the States and other things about 2 years ago).

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is happy birthday, you should be able to put the song together now.

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by Oyaji » Thu 11.16.2006 5:42 am

Do you mean "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, etc."?

If so, I'm afraid the answer may be a little disappointing:

「ハーピバースディートゥーユー、 ハーピバースディートゥーユー、 ハーピバースディーディーャ (insert name)、 ハーピバースディートゥーユー 」

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by zengargoyle » Thu 11.16.2006 5:46 am

don't sing it in public. it falls under heinous US copyright laws and it is illegal to publicly perform the song without permission. :(

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by OKSARAHx » Thu 11.16.2006 10:56 pm

Wow. That's rediculous.

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by Tspoonami » Thu 11.16.2006 11:00 pm

chikara wrote:
Try this one :p
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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by randomperson » Thu 11.16.2006 11:05 pm

wow, thats so cool! yet now i have it stuck in my head

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RE: The Birthday Song

Post by Mr Hensha » Thu 11.16.2006 11:11 pm

If you DO sing it in public, (in america) no one will care. They'll just start singing, if not roll their eyes and walk away.
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