Oh no!

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Oh no!

Post by CallistaZM » Tue 07.05.2005 3:43 pm

Hey all, I'm Callista, I'm new! :D

I need help with something. I'm trying to find a Japanese interjection that would accurately capture the English interjection "oh no!" in the sense of danger heading right for you. I've been all through my books and over the internet today with little luck. One site said "ikenai!" but I couldn't confirm that with any other site. One site said "abunai!" but that's more of a warning to someone else.

Any thoughts?

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RE: Oh no!

Post by clay » Tue 07.05.2005 6:37 pm

I am not sure of a single word that could capture all meanings of 'oh no'. I wonder if these wouldn't help cover at least some of 'oh no'

くそ! kuso! - Said when someone is thwarting your efforts; or you are failing despite your best efforts.
しまった shimatta - when you mess up
あら! ara! mild surprise (あらま〜 for a more feminine touch)
どうしよう? doushiyou - What should I do?

Individuals may have different ways to express 'oh no'. Do you have a specific situation for your 'oh no'?

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RE: Oh no!

Post by netarou » Wed 07.06.2005 4:50 pm

"oh no!" in the sense of danger heading right for you.
I will say ヤバい!

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RE: Oh no!

Post by MenomaMinx » Sun 07.10.2005 6:03 am

I would say skip standardized dictionary altogether and go with some Japanese onomatopoeia online directories to find something with the emotional effect that you want to convey.I was just looking up some sites the other day for my egg monster heroes translation, and some of them even had sound files.

To get you started =

http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Japane ... fl=0&x=wrt
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