What does "Send Comments/Corrections" mean?

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What does "Send Comments/Corrections" mean?

Post by paul_b » Thu 11.30.2006 12:13 pm

What does "Send Comments/Corrections" mean?

Well I daresay you know but every week or so I get evidence that somebody thinks
it means "Free translation!", "Complain to the dictionary people" or "Look up a word."

Most of you probably know by know that I'm in charge of maintenance of the content of the WWWJDIC examples collection. That means I get to see all the corrections sent in (usually at least half a dozen a day). Usually they are helpful, occasionally they are well meant but not very useful and now and again I get something completely off the wall.

One thing to note ... if you don't keep the original example sentence in there I have no idea what you're talking about. What I get is exactly what's in the textbox when you hit send - nothing more nothing less.

Anyway ...
today I got what looked like a "Free translation!" submission, one line of Japanese that turned out not to be any existing example sentence and nothing else apart from the submitter's name and email.

The unusual thing was that the submitter seemed to be Japanese.

So I wrote back explaining politely (in Japanese) that we weren't a free translation service but (being in an unusually generous mood) I translated the line to English anyway. THE DAMN EMAIL BOUNCED! :@ :@

Seriously, if you're going to try to abuse the comments submission like that could you at least write your correct email address!

I got the last laugh though, I claimed the original line and my translation for an example sentence. :p

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