Global Warming.

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Global Warming.

Post by kanadajin » Sat 12.02.2006 1:15 am

No, this isn't one of those if you don't do this you'll get cursed bullshit. This is real.

I can't stress enough how much I want you to read this.

Global warming.

Okay, so. Why would you care right? You don't have to worry about this, you'll be dead by the time global warming gets to bad.


The world was a perfect place think about it. In the last 100 years we've pretty much compeltley destroyed the world. My thoughts were we're to smart for this planet. In a way yes, but if we're so smart why are we having all these problems? in 50 years, thats right, just 50 years global warming will screw us all over. Temperature will be off the charts. Natural desastres will become stronger, and all ice caps will be melted therefore flooding most the planet.

Ice caps act as a shield that deflect 90% of the suns heat rays, so why are they melting? Because of green house gases the heat has been getting stronger, it's not melting the ice caps but it's heating up the water which the ice caps rest in.

Hurricanes. You all know what hurricanes are, well, did you know the hotter the water the stronger they get? Take hurricane katrina for example, it was only a category 1 hurricane(which is the weakest), but because the water around it was so hot it jsut kept getting bigger and stronger.

Think about what would happen if that happened 20 even 10 years from now. The water would be a lot hotter. The hurricane would become a lot stronger.

Check it out,

1860 - 1900 fine... 1900 - 2000, look at the temperature increase. If you're to selfish to care about what's going to happen to you, if you don't care. What about your kids? If you have any, what about your family? Your friends kids?

How about animals? Do you care about them? People have been finding polar bears whom have actually drownded, they can have to swim up to 60km to find something to rest on. ... 012905.jpg

You know, you really don't have to do much to help out, if you can try taking a city bus, how about biking? People drive to stores that are 2 minutes walking distance. Whats that?

Please, spread the word. All you have to do is copy and paste this to tell people. Don't tell me that's to much trouble.

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RE: Global Warming.

Post by Hatori » Sat 12.02.2006 1:53 am

i know that this is something quite important to the world and you made a post that can definately make somebody be freaked out; but from the start, i've simply never beleived in global warming. i think it's a load of crap. if you don't like it, now that's your problem. i've grown up not beleiving it and to me, i think it's something stupid people are fussing about. i know that you are concerned for future generations, i think everything will be fine if we were to just reduce the fossil fuels a LITTLE BIT that we're using right now.

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RE: Global Warming.

Post by Sorako » Sat 12.02.2006 2:07 am

It's speculated that the global warming we're experiancing now is actually the results of us emerging from a minor ice-age.

The earth will always survive. It's survived this long both with and without the effect of humanity on it. The main question is how humanity will survive on it--however, looking at the course that other dominant types of animals have survived, mammals are bound to be on their way out at some point.

The earth is regenerative. The only thing really needing to be done is force humans to live in a more sustainable manner, but maybe living like this will help the earth--we'll eventually become to overpopulated that either a massive disease will break out or millions will die of starvation. Either way, earth wins, greedy humans lose.
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RE: Global Warming.

Post by Infidel » Sat 12.02.2006 3:13 am

but from the start, i've simply never beleived in global warming.
Global warming isn't Santa Clause. It's not some myth people tell to scare children to be good or else they won't get presents at christmas. It's a documented fact, like the fact that cutting off someone's head is fatal. Refusing to believe this won't make it any less true.

The truth is right now Man is affecting the weather in two way. First there is a global warming trend and there is a global cooling trend that is mitigating the global warming trend. The global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses, the global cooling is caused by particulate matter distributed in the atmosphere.

In actuality, reducing our fossil fuel burning slightly, would reduce the global cooling effect more than the global warming effect, i.e. it would accellerate global warming and make it worse.

Global warming will be bad, but ultimately, Humanity will survive so long as it doesn't progress past a certian point. That point being the release of all the stored methane on the ocean's seabeds. Once that happens, most non-microbial life is screwed.

Disbelieving in problems doesn't make them go away, the only way to rid of a problem is to study it and take steps.


That said, even though global warming is a documented fact, the scope of mankind's contribution and whether nature requires our assistance to impose limits is not completely settled. However, those that are still disbelieving in global warming need to be aware that science has already answered that question in the affirmative. Global warming is real. Global cooling is real. The global warming effect is greater than the global cooling effect. These are facts. It's the rest of the matter that is still undergoing debate.

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RE: Global Warming.

Post by Ozymandias » Sat 12.02.2006 7:25 am

No one knows what will happen when the world gets hot enough. There are theories that the increase in heat will actually start an ice-age. I’m not too worried about it. Humans are advanced enough to survive just about anything and the planet itself is regenerative as was previously mentioned, there is very little you could do that wouldn’t ‘fix itself’ over time.

So a few animals wills die, it’s not like we haven’t cloned any before.
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RE: Global Warming.

Post by hungryhotei » Sat 12.02.2006 7:44 am

Even if the planet fixes itself and humans survive, the truth is that unless we take action (both as individuals and collectively) a lot more people are going to die and we are all going to be a lot poorer.

According to a report by Nicholas Stern, we are facing a global recession later this century of between 5 and 20% of world wealth unless we take action by investing 1% now, which "would be trivial by comparison with the possible damage". ... hange.html

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RE: Global Warming.

Post by neo2407 » Sat 12.02.2006 8:39 am

Ozymandias wrote:
I’m not too worried about it. Humans are advanced enough to survive just about anything
Actually Humans are no where near advanced enough to survive the final effects of Global Warming (whether it's an ice-age or whatever). We are still an infant civilization. Scientists (now-days) classify civilizations in 3 types,
Class 1 - a civilization that has harnesed the power of atomic energy (and survives solely on atomic energy).
Class 2 - a civilization that uses the power of the sun but not what we know as solar power. But people who have the technology to build a "Dyson Sphere" (a artificial world constructed around a star and harnesses the power directly from the sun, Solar Civilization.
Class 3 - a civilization able of using an entire galaxy to power themselves, a Galatic Civilization.

We aren't even a Class 1 civilization. We cannot handle everything that this planet throws at us, we still can't stop people being killed by volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis. And companies won't use non wasteful fuels, we have a car that can run on water...normal H2O and the only waste product is oxygen which does no harm to the planet at all.
Also Gobal Warmings isn't the only threat facing us, we are way over due for a meteor hit and a super volcanic eruption. Even one of them will destory all life on this planet.
And in the next few hundred years the magnetic poles will switch (magnetic north will switch so it will be near the south pole), when that happens Earth's magnetic field will be weakened and thousands of people will die of cancer caused by the radiation getting through the magnetic field to Earth. And after a while the field will begin to grow stronger and continue to block the radiation like it used to.

We shouldn't be starting to reverse the effects of Gobal Warming now, we should have started at least 30 years ago.

There that's my opinion.
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RE: Global Warming.

Post by mamba » Sat 12.02.2006 10:09 am

Ive always done my best to play my part. Global Warming is old news. I was taught about Ozone layer/rays/global warming/greenhouse effect in 1st grade when I was in Saudi Arabia. Now here in U.S. my little bro and sis, all they do in first grade is color squares and add/subtract stuff. What we need to do is raise awareness.

Global Warming hit home for me when 140+mph typhoon hit my birth place Philippines. When I read the news, i literally froze. Typhoon season was only June - Sept/Oct. Having one in December - now thats scary.

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RE: Global Warming.

Post by richvh » Sat 12.02.2006 10:13 am

Must I remind people again that personal political beliefs are completely OFF TOPIC at TJP? Locked for off-topicness.
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RE: Global Warming.

Post by Mr Hensha » Sat 12.02.2006 10:17 am

I'm having to do a greenhouse effect preject in school. I believe humanity's looking toward a quick and painful stop, but the Earth will survive and recover.
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