Does anyone use Anki ? {flash card software}

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Does anyone use Anki ? {flash card software}

Post by MenomaMinx » Mon 07.18.2005 3:23 pm

I've been on the fence for years about buying this software, because of the high price tag {$50 U.S.} which is much more than the average PDA program for palm. $50 can buy some very nice textbooks, among other things, and I already have the far superior algorithm based flash card program super memo installed. The problem is, super memo is not high-resolution on the palm software format, and that renders Japanese text nearly unreadable. I contacted the company last year, and they said they had no plans to address the issue with an upgrade.

Which brings me back to needing a new software program......

Anki already has all the Japanese study databases available for download, so I wouldn't have to build my own right away {something I probably wouldn't be able to do easily myself}. On the other hand, I could probably manage to get one or two specialty Japanese textbooks for the price of the software.

Anyone have an opinion on this particular software {or others like it}?
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