A Note on a Grammar Point

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A Note on a Grammar Point

Post by Mukade » Wed 02.23.2005 3:30 am


I just wanted to make a comment on one of the grammar points in the grammar section.

In the しまった/ちゃった section, you might want to add a comment to the effect of: In the Kansai area, the use of ちゃった is limited to female speakers.

I learned both in the classroom, of course, since they are standard dialect. But when I moved here to Osaka, people started asking me if I was gay, since I kept using ちゃった all the time.

If I could help prevent someone else from having to go through the same "hard knocks" learning process that I did, it would make me very happy.;)

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RE: A Note on a Grammar Point

Post by clay » Wed 02.23.2005 3:25 pm

Thanks for the point! I will definitely add that important point. :D

I need to learn more about kansai ben.

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