Some Questions about InuYasha

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Some Questions about InuYasha

Post by RoninGrey » Thu 12.21.2006 12:52 pm

Hey all, I'm not too sure if this should be here or on in the Translation forums, but I was hoping that I could get some help getting a couple of kanji symbols figured out. I already have one done, which is Ningen (human), however I also am wanting to know Youkai (demon, at least as they use it) and Hanyou (yes, half demon).

My girlfriend wants me to get these tattoed, but I believe it would hold more meaning if I were to do them in kanji, and my jiji would probably be more accepting of them if I were to do it that way.



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RE: Some Questions about InuYasha

Post by richvh » Thu 12.21.2006 1:03 pm

妖怪 - youkai
半妖 - hanyou

However, you might want to read this before getting a tattoo.
Richard VanHouten

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