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What's your favorite manga?

Anything relating to Anime or Manga - what's new, what you like, etc...

RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby hpulley4 » Wed 12.20.2006 11:45 am

Gunnm (Ganmu)/Battle Angle and the sequel Last Order by Yukito Kishiro. I started out reading them in english but have been reading them in the original Japanese recently, and enjoy it (though it takes me weeks instead of hours to get through it this way, faster than when I started at least).

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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby maboroshi638 » Thu 12.21.2006 8:35 am

I like reading various manga but my favourite have to be One Piece, Inuyasha and Kizuna. I also like reading Naruto. I also like watching these as Anime although the episodes have mostly been cut which is quite annoying!! :@
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby SonGoku1905 » Sat 12.23.2006 9:00 am

Chrono Crusade
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
One Piece
Flame of Recca
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby stunningblue06 » Wed 01.03.2007 3:03 am

i love hana yori dango. though i did not like the way they portrayed doumyouji's mother. i liked her character after reading the manga. she's snobby yes but beneath the tough exterior is a loving mother...
i also like.. mmm. can't recall the title, hundred years of snow (?) though it is only a 'one-shot' manga.
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby NoRegretLife » Fri 01.19.2007 5:06 pm

Death Note, Gantz, Naruto and Air Gear..
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Blizzard_Kei » Wed 01.31.2007 11:14 am

One Piece
Rurouni Kenshin
Eyeshield 21
Fullmetal Alchemist
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Tajoumaru » Wed 01.31.2007 7:38 pm

I haven't read that many, but うずまき (Uzumaki) is perhaps my favorite. Great style, great story.
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Ranma » Thu 05.10.2007 12:45 pm

Actually lately I've been reading my old Pokemon manga/comics.
the japanese version of Pokemon is much better than the english.
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby angeljoanes » Mon 05.14.2007 8:25 am

Angel heart, Suzuka, Hanaukyou maid
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Hijiku » Mon 05.14.2007 12:14 pm

Love Hina
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ranma 1/2
Stamd Alone Complex
One Piece can be funny at times and very random but it's kind of a kid show.
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby japanfreak » Wed 01.23.2008 5:13 am

My favorite mangas are:
1. Black Cat
2. Fate/Stay Night
3. Appleseed
4. Air Gear
5. Midori no Hibi
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Jay Money » Wed 01.23.2008 6:46 am

naruto and bleach are my top favorite and i also loved kenshin, now i'm looking for something new to watch :p though naruto and bleach are still airing.
as long as it got some humor and swords its pretty much good to me :)
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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Adriano » Wed 01.23.2008 7:43 am

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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby Algoze » Wed 01.23.2008 12:18 pm

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RE: What's your favorite manga?

Postby LustBaka » Wed 01.23.2008 1:34 pm

my favorite manga used to be Naruto, but since then things have changed. I really only read one manga these days.

That's Negima!?

I love it so much. :)
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