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Post by Karioannah » Thu 12.21.2006 11:41 am

So apparently there is a very good artist named 'Kana'...who loves pandas. But I can not find her music anywhere. Can someone help me? Is she even worth it?
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RE: Kana

Post by catpower » Mon 12.25.2006 10:03 am

I like some of her songs, but not her newest ones... You could just request for songs in some Livejournal-jrock-sharing-group I suppose. "Hebi Ichigo" is a good song.

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RE: Kana

Post by baiduXlita » Fri 12.29.2006 11:12 am

Sorry..if that is all the information that you have, then I can't help you. Sorry. But Just stating Kana who likes pandas isn't going to find out who she is.
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RE: Kana

Post by Lauma » Thu 02.01.2007 5:19 pm

emm...download programs??... I myself use even 3 at once if needed (if you know where to look for what u need) but dunno if they count as illegal or something in other countries :D
Isn`t there info on the net? (ok haven`t looked personally...listened to hebi ichigo quite a while ago....well and don`t liten to her at all now).....
One thing is that Gothic and Lolita bibles usually have her (I hope it`s a her, my friend was concerned bout` her gender :D ) pictures (ok lots of em` sometimes...)

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