Koban wa

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Koban wa

Post by Sn0w » Wed 07.20.2005 3:56 pm

Hiya, im new member here and i must say this site rox so far. I hope to meet alot of new friends and learn some japanese. Hajimameshitte and Goozo Yoroshiku to all ^^.

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RE: Koban wa

Post by MenomaMinx » Wed 07.20.2005 4:13 pm

I wish it was evening here in Jersey -- it is so hot out!

I haven't gone outside to try and fry an egg out on the sidewalk yet, but I'm sorely tempted ;-)

Anyway, hi :-)
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RE: Koban wa

Post by Shibakoen » Wed 07.20.2005 9:12 pm

BTW, it's konban wa. A koban is a police box, I believe. Welcome to Japanese...
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